SMS with a Brand

Grow your brand with your SMS Campaign. Send your campaign with you company or brand name.
Let your customer know that you care

Virtual Numbers

A virtual number is a dedicated caller number (available only for limited countries) which you can purchase at low price based on your type of subscription. In contrast to flash-Text shared pool number, your dedicated caller number offers you a direct and personalized way of contacting your customers.

Why Virtual Number ?

When you provision a Virtual Number you have the advantage of personalizing your message with your brand. Instead of your sender number, your customer sees either your company or brand name thus more willing to read the messaging knowing that it comes from a trusted source.

Virtual Number Flexible Plan

You can purchase your virtual number/caller number for a minimum period of 1 month and up to 12 months at a low price.

Brand your SMS

When you purchase a virtual number you can request to use your brand as your caller ID instead of the number.

Campaigns & Promotions

Use your dedicated number as a consistent Sender ID when broadcasting 2-way marketing campaigns to your user base.