Features For Your Business Need


Starts with a small step and, with the right resources and tools inspire and execute bigger plans.Our flash-Text features powerful enough functionalities for big companies at a price point that is affordable to even small companies.

Success Rate Charges

We only charge for every successful messages delivered to your recipients. It is transparent, you can see your message delivery report on your own dashboard.

One stop solution

We let your create, run and manage your campaign, deliver your messages and check your message delivery status. You can also manage your contact and generate report of your campaign all in one platform.

Connect to your Global Customer

We tied up with multiple service carriers around the world so that we can meet your requirement to communicate your business globally with your SMS campaign.

Serve Multiple Industries

No matter what industry you belong to, our flash-Text is well suited to meet your requirement either for SMS Marketing, Alerts/Reminders, or other information dissemination.

Responsive Design

Flash-Text portal is developed based on a responsive design, hence you can also access on other smart devices wherever there is internet connectivity, this give you the flexibility of anytime, anywhere, and on any smart devices.

Simple SMS Pricing

No hidden fees, no surprises. Pay only for outbound text messages,Inbound SMS is FREE. Messages can traverse any of 1,800 mobile carriers, each with varying levels of dependability. FT(FlashText) leaves nothing to chance, rigorously evaluating carriers to rule out SIM farms and carrier filtering.


Try Demo Account

Try our demo account to experience it yourself.No commitment, no contract, and no credit card required.Your account includes FREE credit to test all the features.

Enterprise SMS Gateway

Our SMS gateway centers around security, performance and reliability. For the past decade, FlashText has partnered with organisations all over the globe to develop innovative mobile messaging solutions that drive revenue growth and deliver outstanding results for our Enterprise clients.