SMS Platform with features fit for your business

With flash-Text rich features you are sure to find some that fit your business

Enterprise SMS Gateway

Our Enterprise SMS Gateway has experienced 99.95% uptime SLA, and has the capabilities of sending as many as 30 messages per second.It also offers better security with a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and identity verification to strengthen your username and password login to your account.

SMS Campaign

The SMS messages that you created and sent to your customers are SMS Campaign. Flash-Text allows you to create and name and even categorized your campaign for easy management.

Campaign Schedule

Most of the times you want to launch your SMS Campaign at a specific date and time. Flash-Text allows you to preschedule your campaign so that it can be automatically executed at the specified date and time.

Campaign Lists

To keep track of your campaign, flash-text provides you a campaign list where you can see all your campaigns with status and summary, including your scheduled campaign.

Virtual Number

You can purchase a virtual number also called as caller number to uniquely identify that you message is sent by you as oppose of using flash-Text shared pool number, which does not provide your identity.

Demo Account

Not ready for your SMS campaign? No worry, you can try our demo account to get yourself acquainted with the features and start learning how to create your SMS campaign.

SMS Template

You can create an SMS Template that you can reuse as required. You can name your SMS Template based on your SMS campaign, example you can have SMS Template for Birthday Greeting.

Contact List

The Contact List allows you to store your customers’ mobile numbers and you can pick up any or a group of numbers from the list to include into your SMS Campaign. You can save or import a list from csv file.

Contact Groups

You can create a Contact Group from your contact list. You can group them by gender, country or by product preference. One mobile number can belong to several different groups. This will allow you create your SMS Campaign easier and quicker by just selecting your target recipients from the appropriate Contact Group.

Intuitive easy to learn user interface

Flash-Text user interface is user friendly hence easy to learn. You can start your campaign almost immediately.

Your own Dashboard

Your own Dashboard provides summary report and status of your SMS Campaigns. You can also view your SMS delivery report, cost etc.You can also generate reports based on your SMS campaign, SMS delivery, customers etc. which you can save or print.