About Us

A short background of our company & guidelines we follow to respect our customers

Who we are

In order to provide a quality service for business mobile messaging we have created powerful and stable Bulk SMS software (SaaS) where you can access online anywhere in the world.

We are still new baby to industry, our journey started in early jan 2016 located from (BSB) Brunei Darussalam . We seeking for solid customers around the world. Between we offering Bulk SMS software as in SaaS & in retails client application.

Our SMS gateway capable of delivers SMS messages through more than 900 global carriers. Alternate routes are chosen if service degradation is detected.

Growing up

Since the acquisition of FlashTextGlobal, the business has invested in developing Brunei’s latest and most advanced SMS messaging tools. But that wasn’t enough for us.

By June 2016, FlashTextGlobal relaunched its brand, alongside a major redesign of the user experience and interface of its portal. Our system has capable of delivering messages anywhere in any country by dedicated / shared mobile numbers (or) client’s own branding (recipient name).

The Future

What does the future hold? Our goals are to raise the bar for customer service to change the way SMS is used as a messaging tool, and to change the face and functionality of SMS software for good.

Watch this space!